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Welcome to Maine
Maine Hunting Camps
Maine Black Bear Hunting Outfitters

Maine has over 20,000 black bear and the heaviest concentration of bruins per square mile, Maine has the highest black bear population in the country, making it a bear hunter’s dream. My black bear hunting , is located in the midst of prime bear country—southern Aroostook County, and northern Penobscot county which is Wildlife Management District 11 in the eastern part of Maine. The terrain in this part of the state is hilly and rugged, with thick, dense underbrush, making for perfect bear habitat and an exciting and challenging black bear hunt. Our black bear hunting guides will lead you through this exciting bear hunt. Forestry is a big industry here in Maine, and the abundance of roads cut through the big timber, gives us easy access to thousands of acres of both Maine public hunting land and private land.

The typical black bear hunting season in Maine begins in late August and closes in late September, offering nearly a month of great black bear hunting. Our black bear hunting guides provide you with stands that are baited for the first three weeks of August and September. The head of our black bear hunting guides, holds a Maine Master Guide License and grew up in these woods. His bear hunting knowledge of the area and bear movement and behavior will give you the opportunity to take a trophy black bear. Our Maine bear hunting guides can offer one of the highest take rates in the area with our hunters experiencing 70-80% success.
Bear Hunts

Bear hunting are specialty; we have been a outfitter for bear hunters since 1995. I am glad to offer you a quality bear hunt. The Number of bear hunters will be limited to 25 bear hunters over our 4-week bear hunting season. This bear hunt includes active bear bait's set up with a stand for a rifle or bow, your choice. Maine Hunting Camps will skin your bear and freeze the hide and meat for your return trip. Maine Camps have modern house keeping cabins for your stay, complete with kitchens, you provide your own meals, This is a 5 day hunt arriving Sunday afternoon, departing Saturday morning.

Prices for the hunt do not include the cost of your license. Click here to purchase a hunting license online.

Semi-Guided Bear Hunts

There is the opportunity for 1 small group up to 4 bear hunters per year, to do an unguided bear hunt you would stay in my camp in silver ridge and bear hunt my baits in that area, You would provide your own transpiration, which should be a 4x4 truck and bait your own sites and possible your alternate sites. Maine Hunting Camps will make every attempt to assist you in tracking your bear and removing it from the woods, but you should be prepared to do this and to help out. We will skin quarter it and freeze you’re bear for you. Maine Hunting Camps require that you bring a cell phone and check in every night.